Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Switch

Wow. Thank you so much to everyone who commented on my previous post. I love the community that blogging and reading blogs creates.

I've imported the entirety of my posts into my new blog Print Lovely, which is titled after my Etsy shop. New address same blogging. If you follow through a feed, be sure to update to our new address:  See you there!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We all have discouragement in life. Some seem to have more than others, and I've learned that you may never know what someone is going through on any given day. The wait staff that seems forgetful, the driver at the four way stop who goes out of turn, the mom who can't keep her kids quiet on the airplane. The more day to day "stuff" that piles into life, the more I realize that others probably aren't out to get under my skin, they've got their own "stuff" too.

So it really boggles my mind when others seem to be so deliberately mean. They've got their "stuff" I sure, but seemly out to pick a fight. I have always had a difficult time brushing things off, trying to be carefree but analyzing parts of the day that caught me off guard. 

A couple months ago I got a very rude and anonymous comment on this blog with a little wink face at the end, as if that made up for it. They were mad because Henry was wearing a Colts shirt in the photos and it wasn't "Indie". They also felt that monkeys on Oliver's socks looked too much like Curious George, and the cars screen printed on his outfit were an advertisement for Austin Healy. They were digging deep to find issues with the post. I shared it with Brian and we both decided that just deleting it was the best way to deal with it. I tried to be all "What Ev's" about it. But now every time I sit down to write a post I have to figure out if this is going to fit the bill of a blog called "Indie Mom". Which has made for very little blogging since then. 

I love to blog, it is a great form of expression, journaling, and chronicling life. But I don't like blogging with the intention to make other people happy. That's not why I started. I started because I love the community it creates, the fact that my family thousands of miles away can read about our day, and to point out some great little indie and fair trade businesses here and there.

So now I'm in need of a change. While I work on being better and brushing things off, I'll be doing it from another blog title, and one with moderated comments. The comment isn't the only reason for a change, but life has become more about family and less about things. Haven't quite decided on what to call it yet, but I'll let you know when I switch over. Thanks to everyone who has ever left a lovely comment of encouragement. You are why it's so fun to blog, love the connections made. 

{Update from my post about starting to work out again}
So my big push to get back on the horse and work out more regularly landed me in the doctor's office getting my shoulder x-rayed. It seems that I overdid it on one of my workouts and didn't listen to my body when it told me "stop punching!" I then drove for six hours and realized I was immense pain and couldn't lift my arm even slightly. Being a nursing mom I couldn't take much for the pain and just had to wait it out with my Ibuprofen with my wonderful husband taking care of us. It's nice to be able to lift my kiddos again.

What's a blog post without pictures?
Brian took Henry to the park while Oliver and I were on our way back from Chicago last weekend. 

My husband has a favorite what? (Getting better at brushing it off?)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Starting Again

NY Marathon - 42

Almost two weeks ago Oliver slept through the night. That day I started working out again. It's been a long long time. I used to go in spurts, then one summer I got serious and started running and/or biking almost everyday. My goal was to run in a marathon or a triathlon. Unfortunately that year I was attacked while riding my bike on a local trail and I stopped almost completely for quite a while. (A post for another day.) By the time I decided to get back on the horse, I was pregnant with Henry and feeling awful. Then I had a newborn to take care of, then pregnant again...etc. The closest thing I've had to consistent workouts in the last few years has been walking with a friend daily to a coffee shop a mile away.

I'm excited to be back in the game and breaking a sweat for reasons other than carrying around a bowling ball in my belly. (Which is wonderful too, but I'm glad they are both on the outside now.) The game plan for now includes various Turbo Jam workouts during afternoon naps and some quick runs here and there until life becomes more consistent. (Will it ever?)

To new beginnings!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Campfire Chic

Too cute are the items from Campfire Chic! I'm dreaming of mugs of hot chocolate by the fire while listening to the creek flow and having a good chat.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Print Lovely

In my previous post about being "Busy Busy" I posted some photos of prints that I had made. Those are now for sale in my new Etsy shop called Print Lovely! I'm really happy to be creating again after a very long hiatus...since I took painting my Freshman year of college almost 10 years ago. I've done drawings and a painting here and there, but this feels different. It's more therapeutic now and needed and an outlet for me to do some thinking and some listening. It's fun to have the prints online because I really enjoy photographing them as well. My first few have been linocuts and I have some screen printing in the works.

It of course just takes me longer to do than the average bear seeing as how I've got two ankle biters needing my attention all day. But I'm excited to start creating with Henry someday soon. 

Raising Boys

This happened without any help from his Momma. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011